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Try an Organic Detox and Buy Herbal Tea Online in Australia

More than just a great beverage on a cold winter’s day, tea holds a great number of benefits that the team here at Readytea have utilised in our latest product. Here at Readytea, we are passionate about finding the perfect balance when it comes to health and wellbeing. That is why we have created a tea detox right here in Australia that is made from natural ingredients and designed to replenish and revitalise.


Only the Best Goes in Our Detox Tea

We are strong believers that the best detox tea is one that is refreshing, high quality and delicious. So we have got that covered. While our organic detox tea can aid weight loss *, and cleanse your body, one of the biggest perks is the taste and knowing it is made from ingredients that are 100% natural. We combine ingredients like lemongrass, chamomile, garcinia cambogia and the lotus leaf to create and organic detox and herbal diet tea that can offer consumers a number of great benefits.

An Australian Tea Offering More Than Just Weight Loss *

The easy and delicious weight loss * plan will help you feel energised and relaxed as your body undergoes a complete cleanse, allowing you to be uplifted and rebooted to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Let your body get ready for Readytea.

Enjoy the rich antioxidants and natural remedies that will improve both your skin, health and weight to lead you on your path to a happier you.

More energy, more fitness, more motivation.

Don’t just change your weight, change your lifestyle.

The detox tea, with results you can see.

Place Your Order Today

Our product comes in both 15 day and 30 day options to suit your needs and the herbal tea can be purchased online for your convenience.

Simply add to your cart and continue to the checkout to get started.

Our Customers Love Our Tea

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…


*I love starting the day with a cup of Readytea, it gives me the energy I need for the day and I have lost 3kg in 2 weeks, I couldn’t be happier


*Started my 15 day detox tea from Readytea I was pleasantly surprised with how lovely it tastes so i’m enjoying every single drop.


*I’ve just started my second 30 day teatox and i am loving the results, this is just what Ive been looking for to help me achieve my fitness and weight loss goals.


*This tea tastes great, I have tried a few detox teas and this is the best yet, not to mention the reduced bloating.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary per individual.